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I became interested in the field of Integrative Health Coaching after struggling to overcome an unexpected medical diagnosis of my own. Not wanting to abandon the (sometimes imperfect and largely impersonal) world of Western Medicine, I was left to fend for myself while I tried to find additional avenues of healing. What drew me to Integrative Health Coaching, to the Duke protocol in particular, is the word integrative. It's very different from alternative. When I was learning how to manage my condition, I didn't want to abandon the best of what conventional medicine had to offer me – I just wanted to add to it. I wanted to do everything I could to point all aspects of my life toward wellness and healing. Fundamentally, I wanted to move forward on my path without regret and to arrive wherever I'm destined to arrive confident in the knowledge that I did everything within my power to help myself, to heal myself and live a full and satisfying life for as long as I was lucky enough to be here. I'm not going to paint this any other way - change was hard. Changing my diet, in particular, was extremely challenging. Changing my movement patterns, my relationships, my professional life, my rest cycles – it was all just plain hard, and it's the memory of the effort that's the source of my compassion toward other travelers on the road to change. Through my training at Duke Integrative Medicine, I learned there's an easier way – and I became inspired to help other people find it. Here's the bottom line: It's not about luck. There's actually a science behind behavior change – a method to the madness that makes it a little less mad, a little less hit-or-miss, and a little more empowering and effective. It was through the Duke Integrative Health Coach Training Program that I was able to connect my desire to help others live healthier lives with an actual ability to help them. Not to give advice about what works for me, not to provide anyone with another program or book recommendation, not to transfer information -- but to transfer inspiration, readiness, motivation and drive. Because that's the stuff real change is made of. So when you're ready to make a change – to finally gain some traction on a health goal that's been eluding you, to finally find a conduit to your energy source – I hope you seek the help and support of an Integrative Health Coach. We're ready when you are, and together we can go get the life you want for yourself.
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