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Common Questions about On Health Coaching
Which areas of health can be addressed with an Integrative Health Coach? You and your coach have a joint goal: a healthy, vibrant you. Surrounding you are all the different aspects of your life which you can control to bring you wellness and vitality. They include mindful awareness, movement & rest, roles & goals, food & drink, home & away, family, friends & relations and spirituality. Research confirms that all of these areas are relevant to healthy living. Other areas of wellness are, of course, found in the professional medical community – these areas include visits to conventional medical professionals (doctors, therapists, etc.) as well as complementary approaches (acupuncture practitioners, massage therapists, etc.).
What if I don't know where to start?
No worries, you can start anywhere! All of the areas are connected, and any action toward healthier living in one these areas is likely to bring about positive change in other areas. To get started, you'll be provided with a Personalized Health Plan, which is designed to lead you through some initial self-assessments and make you think a little bit about your current state of health, your desired state of health and your vision for a life well lived. Through this initial process, most people are able to find one or two areas of focus quite naturally. And if it's still not quite clear after you've completed your plan, your coach will serve as a sounding board as you work to find a focus.
If I already possess everything I need to make relevant health changes in my life, why hire an Integrative Health Coach? Think of yourself as a machine – which in a very real sense, you are. Whether you envision yourself to be an unassuming toaster, a hardy leaf blower or a sophisticated and powerful MRI machine, until you're plugged in and turned on, you're really just a collection of parts. If you could only be fully engaged, fully functional, fully ON, you could more effectively reach your potential to do what you were put here to do, be who you were put here to be, help who you were put here to help. Some people find their own way to On. Others need a little help. The truth is, it doesn't matter how you get there. After working with an Integrative Health Coach, what will matter is that you've found your power. You've encountered a lasting connection to your own supply of energy. You've arrived – at On.
How long does it take the typical person to meet a goal? Your Integrative Health Coach will move with you as quickly as you'd like to move; however, a certain amount of ground work must be done to ensure that the positive changes you will be making are not temporary quick fixes but rather transformative events that become the new pattern of normal behavior for you. Some of the things your coach will explore with you before you begin an action plan are: your values, your vision for attainment, previous successes, previous failures, the importance of making a change and your confidence level of making a change. All of these factors are major players when it comes to maintaining a behavior change.
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